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    Are you interested in joining The Hunted community?

    We are always looking for people to join our community who have products to sell.


    • We've been around since 2012, after selling for years we realised how much better stock sells when a discount and a time frame is attributed. We realised that short sales get a lot of traction, Social media shares and repeat business
    • We are a vendor marketplace based business. We believe wholesaling products for online businesses is just an extra step for everyone. Through a marketplace not only do you make more money but you get to see which of your products sell best.
    • We pimp you out. Thats what we are trained in - we know how to market your product and will do it to our large audience as apart of your listing.
    • Its FREE to join. What I hear you say, yep we are free to join, we don't charge on listings - we only take a small commission on what sells. 
    • We have an online community (called Launch My Line), which helps you on your business journey.


    1. You list your products through your website with your selected discount.
    2. We market your products
    3. You get orders and ship them directly to the customer
    4. We pay you
    5. and repeat...


    • We require you to select a discount for your products which is a minimum of 15%. The larger the discount the more products will sell. The more products you sell the more repeat business you get. 
    • You need to have professional shot photos
    • Be able to fulfil orders quickly after they are received.
    • Be registered for GST